The original Dutch ‘mixtape’ returns!

Ten years after the release of the first legendary ‘The Underground Hits’ and ‘The Underground Hits...Back’ compilation cd a few years later, the series continues with ‘The Underground Hits...Again’. This is it if you’re looking for that hard to find true Rap stuff from the land of cheese and windmills. Acts like Dope D.O.D, Numaads, Tastic, Rosa Ana, Deams, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Optimus, Git Hyper & Duvel and many more are featured as well as international Rap veterans like Ice-T, Prince Po and more! 

Get your copy at the better reseller, discogs.com or by sending an email to: shop@redrumrecordz.com.

Format: CD. Tracks: 23. Price: € 9,50 (including shipping within Europe) Payment method: PayPal only.

Redrum stays true, now what about you?!