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Redrum online...

Hitch hike along as we finally entered the virtual realm called Facebook...
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Back to the roots with: KILLER JUNGLE!

Yes people, it's time to pull out your tape-decks again since Deformer will celebrate 20 years of uncompromising Jungle music! Loads of previously unreleased Jungle tracks produced in between 1994-2014. Alternate versions and remixes. It will be released on cassette only, for the dedicated original Junglists only... Get your hands on this extremely limited tape and...Reeeewind!

Get it HERE!


Full Moon Deformed promo mix by Bong-Ra

Yes friends, check out a selection of tracks coming from the 'Full Moon Deformed' album!
Click here for some horrorscore galore...



On may 17th Redrum artist Deformer will perform at the next Rural Demon event in Huddersfield, UK. Together with heavyweights Bong-Ra, Gore Tech, Wormskull and Ruby My Dear. Insanity!

More info: ruraldemon


Pre-presentation 'Full Moon Deformed'

The presentation of Mike Redman’s new project: ‘Full Moon Deformed’ in collaboration with American Horror legend Charles Band + Exclusive screening of the 80’s cult classic ‘Puppet Master’. With the purchase of a ticket, you will get the Dutch version of the 'Full Moon Deformed' album for free! Read more about it here.


Coming soon: 'Full Moon Deformed'

Breaking news! Mike Redman (Deformer) has teamed up with legendary movie producer and director Charles Band. Charles Band’s Full Moon Features and Deformer will merge their characteristics into a music project entitled ‘Full Moon Deformed’. The project will soon be released in The Netherlands on CD format. Stay tuned for more info...

In the meantime check out the recently launched platform Full Moon Streaming


Wormskull / Deformer / Bong-Ra in Budapest

Monstrous mayhem on Feb 6th as Wormskull, 
Deformer and Bong-Ra invade Budapest, Hungary.
Find more info here


December treat, free stuff!

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* Walkmen (dvd)
* Videopacolypz G2012 (CD + 7" colored vinyl)
* Het Sample Dagboek (book, in Dutch only)

Just let us know what goodie you prefer when you place your order!

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NEW! Limited edition Deformer snapback.

Get your hands on it while you can! 
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The G2012 virus strikes again!

On Nov 9th Deformer will once again present their side project 'Videopacolypz'. This time at the SeeMeHearMe Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Expect some distorted bleeps, byte beats and heavy bitlines! Drown into next level visual 8-bit nostalgia provided by Mattie Herpes and end level video turntablism by eNi-LesS

Listen to the Videopacolypz G2012 album HERE.


DEFORMER on Soundcloud

Can you believe it?! After all these years Deformer has just polluted Soundcloud with some of their tracks... Find some filthy classics, new tracks, and unreleased gems as they will update their playlist more frequent the coming months. 
Tell a friend: soundcloud.com/deformer



Who doesn't want to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the summer jam ENJOY at 30 degrees Celsius? Catch a glimpse of Rotterdam City in 2003...

Special treat!! Buy at our shop and get a free CD of your choice with every order!

(Please leave a note with your order so we know what CD you would like to receive. The CD's that are not eligible: Videopacolypz, Spacekees&Terilekst and Nightmare Concert. This offer expires on July 14th 2013. As long as stocks last!)


New Hardware!

We've just added lots of new hardware to our SHOP
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Live stream at 130bpm.eu

On the 6th of March 130bpm.eu presented 'Unholy Symphonies, episode III'. A live online stream, featuring exclusive sets by: Drumcorps, Deformer, FFF, Satan, T!lthead and Vojeet.

Rugged Jungle, Breakcore and more electronic mayhem!
Not for softies...

You can now download the Deformer set HERE!

For more info visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/432187713520971/

Also check out Deformer and FFF in the flesh at PRSPCT XL 17 on May 8th.


Songs Of Charcoal hits the U.S.A.

During Dumbo's first thursday event at Bose Pacia, on February 7th The 'Songs of Charcoal' compilation CD was successfully released in New York City. People picked up the CD for free as long as stocks lasted! During the release, the 'Diagonals Used for Mapping Brooklyn's Overview' art exhibition, created by visual artists FaranĂș and Mike Redman was up and the live performance of featured artist Water Brain also received great response. A big thanks to everybody that stopped by!

Missed out? Then get your copy here...

Artists featured on the compilation:

Florian Magnus Maier, The Travel, The Eerier Child, Delete, Tangent, Mea Dee, Fremdkunst, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, DJ Optimus, eNi-LesS, Arts The Beatdoctor, Lea Muses, Water Brain, Chimp Beams.

If you are based in NYC, then you might wanna swing by the following addresses to get the cd;

Meme AntennaHalcyonZakkaJ&RKim's Video & Music




2012 has been great and since we're still here let's make 2013 even better! We got ridiculous things lined up for 2013 and we hope that you will be able to bang out your creativity too... Thanks for your support, best wishes to everyone and stay safe!


'Het Sample Dagboek' available now!

'Het Sample Dagboek' (The sample diary) is Mike Redman's debut as a writer. It reveals the trials and tribulations that he experienced during the making of his latest documentary 'Sample: not for sale'. A film about the sampling culture within music that primarily focusses on the creative aspect.

This book is educational, exceptional and exciting... Expect some great stories behind some of your favorite artists like George Clinton, Public Enemy and many others together with exclusive unpublished pictures!

We're sorry; 'Het Sample Dagboek' is available in Dutch only!

Specs: 128 page full color hardcover edition. ISBN: 9789081918503 Redrum Boox.

Powered by Veenman+ 

Order your copy here or send an email to: shop[at]redrumrecordz.com


Out now: Songs of Charcoal

Yes music lovers! We've just released a new compilation CD different from anything else. When Soundtrack, TripHop and Avant-garde electronica meet... The package design is developed by visual artist FaranĂș. The cd will take you on a dark journey while music becomes visual...

Artists featured on the compilation:

Florian Magnus Maier
The Travel
The Eerier Child
Mea Dee
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva
DJ Optimus
Arts The Beatdoctor
Lea Muses
Water Brain
Chimp Beams

Pre-listen to the compilation at: 

Get your copy here!

Rotterdam ‘Hardcore’ Beats!

Buma Rotterdam Beats is a central meeting point for a range of urban music genres. This evening is entirely dedicated to hardcore beats. New crossovers of dubstep and Jungle to breakbeats, Defcore, gabber, breakcore and drum ‘n bass.
Line-up: DJ Rob, Ruffneck, Sinister Souls, Bong Ra, Deformer, Newk, FFF, Copacod, Apzolut.
More info Here!


Walkmen anniversary at SeeMeHearMe Festival

Come and celebrate the 10th anniversary of 'Walkmen' on November 10th! Oldschool Hip Hop back on the big screen!! For more information visit: seemehearme.nl We would like to thank the SeeMeHearMe organization for their invitation and effort... By the way, free Jameson cocktail included...Let's have a toast!



For all you ghoulish Redrum collectors out there: Here's your chance to get some hard to find relics...
This Halloween we give away a limited amount of Redrum mystery packages! All you have to do is send an email to: info[at]redrumrecordz.com and let us know what musical Redrum genre you prefer; Rap, Drum 'n bass, a little of everything? No Country music...We're sorry! Don't forget to add your postal address... Trick or treat everybody!

Don't forget to check out our latest 'Hardware' additions at our online shop

[this offer has expired on Nov 6th 2012] Special thanks to everybody that dropped us a line... Packages have been sent to: UK, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium and Japan. Stay alert for more offers in the near future!



Yes people, get most of your hard to find Redrum stuff at our frequently 
updated online shopGet your collection complete!
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Exclusive EE Deformer mix!

Check out the exclusive Deformer mix for UK's Electronic Explorations! Expect some classic material as well as some brand new cuts... Special thanks to Rob Booth.



You may not believe it, but Walkmen, the first Dutch HipHop documentary of its kind just turned 10! Time flies when your having fun right? We can still remember the incredible premiere screening at a totally packed Off_Corso theatre where all Rotterdam Rap icons screamed at the silver screen while seeing their own history and dedication finally being honored. After 10 years we can officially call it a classic. 
If you managed to miss out on seeing Walkmen during the last ten years (!) than this is your chance to finally catch up... We are giving away 10 dvd's to anyone that drops us a line at: info[at]redrumrecordz.com. Make sure to put 'Walkmen 10' as the subject and don't forget to mention your postal address. Be quick because these dvd's are pretty hard to find these days. Know your history...  

Refresh your memory HERE!


Redrum Recordz at Street Science festival 2012

We sure know where we're at on 13, 14 and 15th of July. Enjoy some unpolished Hip Hop culture and swing by our Redrum Merchandise stand at Bird on the 15th. We'll bring some hard to find stuff!! For more info visit: streetscience.nl



JUNE 18: Konkrete Jungle at The Cove, Brooklyn, NYC.
Konkrete Jungle is the longest running Jungle and Drum&Bass night in New York City. They became a global movement with affiliated chapters sprouting up throughout the states and abroad. Konkrete Jungle continues to evolve along with shape of the culture, embracing the roots and many branches of breakbeat and underground foundations. 
In today’s DJ line-up Konkrete Jungle has invited Rotterdam based Jungle/Drum& Bass heavyweight DEFORMER. Deformer pushes musical boundaries since the early 90’s as one of the frontrunners of Dutch Jungle music. Their sound fuses different genres into a venomous blend of electronic mayhem, from Jungle to Dub and Hiphop to Defcore. They have collaborated with Rap icons Public Enemy, performed at renowned festivals worldwide and have influenced many producers along the way.
Find more info at: konkretejungle.com


Redrum/Deformer area at Containerfest0.1

Yes people! We will host a deck at the first edition of Containerfest on July 21st, 2012. Expect some electronic mayhem as we bring you acts like: Scamp, Bong-Ra, FFF, Deformer, Junglefever and others... It's a daytime rave that puts your lights out!


eNi-LesS 'As far as needles write endless grooves'

Make sure to check out an incredible album by an incredible artist!
Coming straight from the vaults... Get your digital album HERE! 


OUT NOW: WATER BRAIN - Inaccessible Dazzle

Fumio Tashiro, a.k.a. ‘Bomb Sun’ was born in Kumamoto, Japan and moved to the U.S.A. in 1991 to challenge himself as a musician. He plays upright bass and creates original musical compositions. 
Acknowledged by his mentor, Milt Hinton, to be his best pupil, Bomb Sun became a well-known player on the New York Jazz scene, with solid skills in experimental improvisation. He has more than 20 years of experience  in writing, touring, and performing music. Bomb Sun's newest compositions blend this solid background with a newer digital approach, producing a unique and broad spectrum of sound. His latest project ‘Water Brain’ showcases his incredible musical skills... From experimental Jazz to deep Trip Hop, 'Inaccessible Dazzle' will take you on a journey.

Get your copy at the better record shop, discogs.com or by sending an email to: shop[at]redrumrecordz.com. Format: CD. Tracks: 14. Price: € 9,50. Payment method: PayPal only.

Get your high quality digital release at: waterbrain.bandcamp.com


December treat!

If you want to get your Redrum Recordz collection complete, you're in for a treat! 
Even though you know that we are very broad in what we release, we decided to give away some of our most essential Rap releases during the December month. Competitions suck, so all you have to do is send an interesting email to: info[at]redrumrecordz.com with 'RedrumRapShit' as the subject and you might receive a box of hard to find essentials! Don't forget to put down your postal address...Ho ho ho!

Return to our blog to witness our future madness!

This offer has expired. We've had a lot of 'winners' and we would like to thank you for checking us out! Enjoy the music...


The original Dutch ‘mixtape’ returns!

Ten years after the release of the first legendary ‘The Underground Hits’ and ‘The Underground Hits...Back’ compilation cd a few years later, the series continues with ‘The Underground Hits...Again’. This is it if you’re looking for that hard to find true Rap stuff from the land of cheese and windmills. Acts like Dope D.O.D, Numaads, Tastic, Rosa Ana, Deams, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Optimus, Git Hyper & Duvel and many more are featured as well as international Rap veterans like Ice-T, Prince Po and more! 

Get your copy at the better reseller, discogs.com or by sending an email to: shop@redrumrecordz.com.

Format: CD. Tracks: 23. Price: € 9,50 (including shipping within Europe) Payment method: PayPal only.

Redrum stays true, now what about you?! 


VIDEOPACOLYPZ at Studio/K Amsterdam

Once again Deformer will present their Videopacolypz project. This time at Studio/K in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on July 28th. For more info visit: www.studio-k.nu


DEFORMER in Utrecht, The Netherlands...

                                              June 11th 2011 at: db studio


Mike Redman presents: 'The Grindhouse'

Get your unhealthy doses of weird cult films and insane trailers at 
'The Grindhouse'.
Where and when: De Unie on April 10 and May 8 2011.
Redrum Flix approved...


'Videopacolypz G2012' new cd album and 7inch OUT NOW!

Videopacolypz is a side project coming from Dutch Jungle/Breakcore/Dubstep producers Deformer. They are strong players amongst the progressive electronic music scene for years already and are about to release a new album and limited 7” single entitled ‘Videopacolypz G2012’. This release is based on the Philips ‘Videopac G7000’ game console that came out back in 1978. With the limited choice of sounds coming from this computer, a complete album was recorded that will tear up dance floors this year. Beware though, this is NOT the official new Deformer album, but a side project in a similar tradition: Videopacolypz G2012...

The CD album and colored 7” single (transparent and transparent blue) will come in one limited edition package of only 500 copies worldwide and will not be repressed! 

Special feature: The CD has a hidden track before track 1 called ‘Level -1 (6Blocc refix)’. 
You can only find this track if you manually rewind the CD.

Listen to a preview track HERE!

And get your limited edition copy at our shop



On February 24th 2011, Deformer will present their side project 'Videopacolypz' at Lantaren Venster during the Sound Track Festival. Together with: Nicon, Mattie Herpes, Eni-Less, Mike Redman, P-Mode, Visual DJ's Off the Wall and many others, you can expect a lot of rumbling basslines, vicious beats and acid tests... Get your computer virus antidote now! One show only!

Be on the lookout for the 'Videopacolypz G2012' CD album and 7" vinyl dropping anytime soon...

THE EERIER CHILD 'Nightmare Concert' album out now!

The long awaited debut album of The Eerier Child is finally there. You may have heard his Dubstep related tracks on Mindtrick and Redrum Recordz before, but the time has now come to experience his first full length album entitled 'Nightmare Concert' The album has its own distinguished sound and style that could loosely be described as a 'fictional movie soundtrack'. To totally experience the eerie atmosphere of the record we dare you to put on your headset and get in a 40 minute trip... This cd release comes in a limited edition package containing: the cd, a full color movie poster and a special cd stand.

Get your copy here

DEFORMER now on Bandcamp

For those who need to repair their turntable... In the meantime get your high quality digital Deformer releases at: deformer.bandcamp.com or get a new deck on Ebay!


Again, shadow artist and light sculpture pioneer Diet Wiegman amazes the world with ‘Shadow Dancing’. You might also know him from the award winning documentary ‘Anagram’. Get your dvd copy of ‘Shadow Dancing’ now! More at: dietwiegman.com 

Get your copy at our shop or at www.ako.nlnnbh.com , bol.com


Limited edition numbered by hand, golden colored vinyl (!) of Dutch MC Deams, featuring Rap heavyweights Big Daddy Kane and De La Soul. This release will not be repressed and is a one of a kind boombap Hip Hop e.p. which will only be released in Europe.      deamsmusic.com

ILL PRODUCTIONZ release debut 'Basics'

Dutch rap formation Ill Productionz is bringing the mid-nineties Hip Hop sound back on their debut album ‘Basics’. Great MC and turntablism skills on top of a base of solid beats. Also features DJ Grazzhoppa, Vindictiv and Mace. Get your copy here!

DEFORMER 'DEFSTEPPAH' 12inch vinyl, out now!

Where Deformer normally sets the tone with innovative Jungle or quality Breakcore, they now give new direction to the Dubstep genre in their own onorthodox way.

The Defsteppah E.P. Kicks off with the title track and a roots Reggae atmosphere soon turns into a vicious bass driven stepper with angry, yet conscious lyrics of Mike Redman and Scapu Lox on top. The second track ‘Damien Dub’ already found it’s way to the underground club audience and is becoming a party favorite. A twisted rave line holds together a complicated drum pattern while a foundation of solid bass slowly mangles your hearing bone. ‘Extreme Deformity’, the third track on this e.p. is a quite original track which fuses the typical Rotterdam Hardcore sound with deep Dubstep. From the one into another in just a matter of minutes. Not for softies... The Defsteppah e.p. is a limited edition release and has an incredible lasered picture pattern on the B side of the disc. It will not be repressed. Get your high quality digital release at:  deformer.bandcamp.com